Friday, July 26, 2013

Jacob on the job

Somewhere between Hawaii and Somoa, doing what he likes best...

Family Reunion trip

Friday July 26th and we are in Rock Falls. The reunion is tomorrow in Milton Wisconsin. I sure don't like doing this on the phone but I didn't bring the computers!
We had a good time with the kids back home and will meet up again tonight. Gianna is coming into Rockford this afternoon and we will pick her up and go on into Janesville.
I will start taking pictures with my phone so I can post some with my blog.
Jacob is in, or on, Palmyra, an atoll, in th South Pacific. He is working like crazy and having a blast.  I have a picture I will try to post later.
Today we are going to Linda's sister's home and I will try to shampoo her carpet, and make a batch of cinnamon rolls.
Not a lot going on now though so I will sign off. See ya later...

Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday July 22, 2013

Well, I have missed a few days for sure but I am having computer problems. The computer I use for my blog, well, it isn't broke but I can't get online! I can get online with my other one but I can't do my blog on it!   What a bummer!
We have been keeping pretty busy, kids will be in tomorrow evening. I didn't think we would see them this year! Gianna is even coming back. Be the first time for her, Bren, Alexa  and Jake to be here at our place. We are really looking forward to their visit!
I sure don't like doing the blog on the phone but right now I don't have any choice, well, I guess I could go to Facebook, more people would probably read it.
I think I have to work today, we have had a lot of rain though so we will see what happens.
I am going to try to post this and even though it is eat morning I will say Night Yall.....

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Friday July 12th 2013

Back to work today.  At work we have a small problem.  We don’t have a truck to pull the tractor (mower) over to Russell Street.   Well, Mark still has the Explorer so we pulled the trailer and mower over with that.  They took the trailer back to the park and left me here to mow.

I saw Miss Lorene and she came out to say hi!  She is such a sweet lady and I would put her picture in here but she would be upset if I did and she found out.  She asked if I was going to pick her up for church and I told her I would definitely be there to pick her up Sunday morning and she seemed to be happy!!

I finished mowing around 1PM and sprayed a bottle of Round Up and by the time I finished that Mark was there to pick me up, and by the time he got there I was almost finished so we loaded up the stuff and headed back to the park.

The weather isn’t to bad today but warm enough.

Randy and Coyita made it here around five or so.   We had a really good visit.  Linda had fixed BBQ  which was excellent, baked beans a spaghetti salad and a great desert made with Pistachio Pudding and ice cream.  Really hit the spot.

We sat around the table and talked until after 9PM.  Time really went by fast.  I didn’t get a picture, what a bummer!

Well, it is time to say Night Y’all.  Oh, I made jalapeno bread and forgot t give a loaf to Coyita so we will have to go back into town tomorrow.

Time to say Night Y’all

Thursday July 11th 2013

I took today off and I think that I said yesterday that Pastor Randy and Coyita were coming over today.  I was wrong, they are coming over Friday night not tonight.

We had a few things to do today, usually have to go to town and get a few things.  Glad we don’t live fifty miles from townSmile

We didn’t do a lot today, one of those relaxing days for sure.  Time to say Night Y’all…

Tuesday July 9th 2013

Linda is making Salisbury Steak today, smells delicious!  I didn’t take a picture of it so you will just have to take my word for it!

We stopped by Randy and Pearline’s today just to say HI!!  Pearline isn’t doing very well, she has a bad back.  Something about her spine pressing on some nerves and making it very sore and hard to do much of anything.  I did get a picture of them though…


Randy and Pearline are very nice people and really easy to talk to.  The have a Rat Terrier also and his name is Pepper!  He is very friendly, so friendly they had to put him away because he wouldn’t leave us alone.  Sparky is friendly but he is kind of scared of people until he really gets used to them.

After visiting for awhile with them we went to see Judy but she had already left for work. She works at the library so we went to the library and visited for awhile with her.  We wanted to be sure of the GBP tomorrow, stands for God’s Beautiful People.  Usually just the older people. Younger people would be working.  I enjoy the fellowship and the food is also pretty good.  Pearline is a specialist in making pies!  With a bad back she won’t be there tomorrow.

We headed back home.  I am really tired! 

We had appointments to see Doctor Travis tomorrow but found out that he went to New Madrid so we changed our appointments to see him down there on Thursday afternoon.  Just a checkup, nothing important.

We took it easy the rest of the afternoon then I went to church tonight.  Very small crowd. Business meeting was short and Pastor had a good little sermon and the participation was also interesting.

We took it easy tonight and I fell asleep in my chair, as normal.

Time to call it a Night Y’all….

Wednesday July 10th 2013

I went into work early this morning I started at 8AM instead of 9AM.  I figured it was supposed to rain this afternoon and I would really like to get the mobile home park done.

Actually I probably could have gone another week and it would have been OK but it does look better since I have mowed it.

I left work around 3PM and got home around 3:30.  Took and nice long shower and relaxed for awhile.

Church tonight.  We have a business meeting and it was a short one and then Pastor read some scripture and then asked questions or asked for input on the scriptures. We had a pretty good night.

Linda was preparing some stuff for tomorrow when Pastor and Coyita get here.  We invited them for supper.

Had a pretty good night, kind of relaxing so I guess I will just say Night Y’all….